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Dark Romance - 1st person, M/F dialogue
00:00 / 02:39
Dark Romance - 1st person, New York accent
00:00 / 01:40
Contemporary Romance - 1st person, Southern accent, M/F dialogue
00:00 / 01:49
Mystery/Paranormal - 3rd person
00:00 / 02:39

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New Releases



Christian Black has been an audiobook narrator for over 3 years with 70+ titles. As a stage/theatre actor of over two decades, he now brings his passion for storytelling and performance straight to your ears.

His experience in interpreting an author's text allows him to intuitively bring characters to life in a natural and realistic way. His dynamic vocal range allows him to transition between masculine and feminine genders with ease, as well as voice a multitude of different characters varying in age and accent.

Along with this versatility, he brings a passionate and vibrant energy to his performance, with a voice often described as commanding, sensual and virile.

Christian's passion for bringing stories and characters to life is one he'd love to share with you! If you're an author or publisher interested in having a book reach a wider audience through audio, please reach out by contacting him below.

produces audiobooks both independently and with several publishing/production houses, often narrating dual and duet productions alongside his wife and fellow audiobook narrator, Laurie West! If you're looking for a female narrator as well, visit her site here!

Home Studio Specs:

  • WhisperRoom MDL 4872 E Double-Wall Sound Isolation Booth

  • Neumann TLM 103 large-diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone

  • Focusrite Scarlett Solo (3rd Gen) USB Audio Interface

  • REAPER Digital Audio Workstation

  • iZotope RX 8 Audio Editor




"Laurie West and Christian Black were absolutely amazing. The pain that Laurie was able to convey in her voice heartbreaking beautiful. I loved Christian’s deep and comforting voice for Dean. If you love audiobooks I highly recommend this book. I recommend it even if you don’t! This one might change your mind."

— Samantha,


"For me, the selection of the narrators is brilliant, their voices so different, in color, in tone and in the way they transport emotions. This is so perfect because Ryan and Grady are so different themselves. Both narrators get the emotions of their characters on point. Christian Black nailing Grady's no-filter-bluntness in such a natural and authentic way."

— Mimi, Instagram


"Laurie West, Christian Black dual narration was the perfect cast to perform this story. The story is character driven and Laurie and Christian brought out the characters edginess and personalities. Laurie's inflection is sweet and Christian's deep baritone matches perfectly with Laurie's intonation bringing the story and the characters to reality."

— Sophie,


"Nolan is a tough character, as he hides his emotions. Black brings it all out and lets us feel him, even when he is hiding. The nuances are there for us to feel it."

— Patricia,



Interview with Jen and Zanna on "The Cup and Saucy Book Club Podcast" (June 2023)

Interview with Viviana, Enchantress of Books on the "Audiobook Lovin Podcast"
(May 2022)


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